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This class completely changed my career trajectory. I was taught to be an intentional designer and to question everything. It was great for my career and the instructors were and continue to be very thoughtful, patient and ready to teach.

Vivian Kiniga

UX Intern at Salesforce

The course was the most rewarding and eye-opening experience for me, as it introduced me to the world of interaction design, product thinking, and designing in Sketch. It not only led me to my first product design internship, but it helped me discover my passion for UI / UX design!

Jesse Prague

Product Designer at Facebook

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Brendan Elliott

Product Designer at Facebook

Brendan is currently a Product Designer at Facebook. Previously he interned at Apple and SalesPad. Brendan enjoys making physical products, competing in endurance races and exploring the outdoors.


Sahil Khoja

Previous Design at Instagram

Sahil is currently a freelance product designer. He previously interned at Instagram and Facebook. He’s worked with companies like Intuit, Intercom, and many Y-Combinator startups. He loves cappuccinos and hoops.


Derrick Ho

Product Designer at Dropbox

Derrick is currently a Product Designer at Dropbox. Previously he interned at Buzzfeed. Derrick enjoys biking, swimming, and is a Bay Area Native.


Suraya Shivji

Previous Design at Spotify & Figma

Suraya is a freelance designer/dev. She previously interned for Figma and Spotify and loves working on startups. She loves music, generative art, and acai bowls.

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